To make editors, final mix engineers and producers lives much easier, collection agency Norm has partnered with Recue Online to make automated cue generating software freely available to all production music users.

Metadata from over 2 million tracks from the hundreds of Norm and other libraries are pre loaded into the system, so cue sheets can be completed in a fraction of the time.

The new RECUE software is now cloud based and auto generates cue sheets from Pro tools and Final Cut pro sessions.
Even if you use RECUE manually it will also save you PLENTY of time with handy drop down menu for quick and accurate track selection.

Recue is packed with features that simplify and improve the accuracy of the cue sheet generation process. NORM is also in discussion with all the broadcasters to ensure that RECUE generated cue sheets integrate seamlessly with their systems.

There are informative video tutorials on the site to get you up to speed quickly.

RECUE online

• Database containing metadata for more than 2 million tracks
• Fast text importing for Pro Tools & Final Cut Pro
• Manual database searching option available
• Cue sheet project sharing between users.
• Cue sheet template support for broadcasters
• It’s free !

All you have to do is register at

The entire Mama Dance, Atomica, Catapult, Hi Fi, Decibel Collective and Supatunes libraries metadata is currently up to date on the system and if you need further information about the free online software please contact us at [email protected]. If we can’t help you, then we’ll put you in touch with the right people who can!

Mama Dance is a member of Production Music South Africa. PMSA music libraries collectively license over 2 million tracks in the South African territory, can be used under blanket license agreement with SABC, ETV, most DSTV channels and include EMI, Synchro, Universal, Slam, Mathambo, Slam and Red Igloo.