Mama Dance is a proud member of CAPASSO and use their production music rate card.  These rates ensure that composers are given fair compensation for the music they work hard to create.

How to license
our production music

01. Register

Before you can get download access to our  320,000 production music tracks, you need to register on our search site:

Click the register button, fill out your details and hit submit. You will get an instant activation email (check your spam in case).  Once activated you are ready to start downloading! There are no download restrictions and you can choose which high quality file format you prefer.

02. Download

Now that your account is activated you can login and start downloading.

Use our site’s various search functions to find the production music you need. Search by keyword or drag and drop a reference track or url into the search bar. Browse by library, albums or playlists. Or drop us a mail if you’re in a hurry.

Add the tracks you like to a playlist to share with your colleagues or clients. Hit the download arrow when you have your final selection.

03. Get a quote

Once you have your final tracks selected and your edit is locked down, you can calculate the license fees.

You can use the CAPASSO rate card to calculate the appropriate fees (as explained below).  Alternatively, you can contact us with the details of your project to get an accurate quote.

If you are using tracks from different CAPASSO libraries e.g. Universal Production Music, Red Igloo, Sheer, Slam, KPM etc.  It is best to contact CAPASSO directly to license through them: [email protected]

04. Submit a Cue Sheet

On acceptance of the quote we need cue sheet (list of the tracks along with the duration used).  You can either email us the info or use a cue sheet template like this:

05. Invoice & Payment Sheet

Now that we have the cue sheet we use to pay our talented production music composers, we can send you an invoice. The invoice will have our banking details for EFT payment.  Alternatively we can generate a link for credit card payments.

The invoice serves as proof of license, but you can also request a formal licence agreement if you need it.

Upon payment you can now upload your production to the licensed media.  You can rest easy knowing that there will be no take down notices issued by our digital monitoring services!

Don’t have time to find the perfect track? Send us a quick brief and we’ll find it for you!