Change is like a breath of fresh air – and the air is certainly pretty fresh down here in CT at the moment! 12 degrees frEish!

Our new music search site launched in April – with loads of enhanced client friendly functionality – It’s all yours at!

New Search Site

As Craig says, “The Mama Dance production music website is unique because it is one of the few places where you will find a massive selection of SA and African music together with over 40 000 tracks from nine handpicked premium international libraries. Our clients don’t have to swop between various different websites or hard drives to get the variety they require at a price they can afford.” Read more about the ever changing production music business on filmcontact.comMDML100 - H&H - Uplifting Electro (600 x 600)


The Homelands and Heroes album series composed by Josh Wynter has been extremely popular on Mama Dance for the past year – so we interviewed the creative genius himself! Read all about him and listen to his three albums Gentle Reflections, Uplifting Electro-chestral, and Epic Orchestral.

BAM 3 (600 x 225)

BAM! BAM! BAM! We added a fresh new French / Canadian library to our music search site. It’s got the best selection of POP FLAVOUR we have heard in a long time – so we had to have it for our valuable SA clients! Listen to the BAM music library!

And some things never change at Mama Dance – the quality and variety of new album releases is always superb!
It’s all Melody and Groove with a good dose of West Africa in our latest album selection today.