We are thrilled to welcome Jambaar Muzik to the Mama Dance family and thought we’d take the opportunity to get to know this French library a bit better by having a quick chat to the founder, Bachir Sene.

MD: Can you give us a quick overview of your library?

JM: Our label is 100% managed and founded by established artists, we’ve all been making music together for nearly 10 years until we decided to launch our own imprint with Jambaar Library.

Our roster includes artists from all over the world (France, UK, USA, Canada, Sénégal, Morocco, Belgium, Netherlands, Argentina..).

We produce library music but still keep the mindset of mainstream/commercial music. That way, we can stay on top of everything that’s happening in the mainstream market in order to translate it into accurate and quality music for sync placements

MD:  How did the library get started?

JM: At first, we started producing full albums for BMG PM France and AXS Music. A former colleague introduced me to them, he really put me into library music and gave me a bunch of ideas on that field. Then, from working with different artists and making so many songs I ended up creating a catalogue and launching my own production music imprint. So, I started working on the first 7 albums in late 2018 with artists in Bordeaux, France but also in Canada and the UK. 

MD: Where did the name Jambaar originate?

JM: – The name Jambaar is a Wolof word (Senegalese language) meaning someone brave and honourable. I was raised in Dakar, Senegal till I was 17 or 18 and consider myself an African first. So, the name Jambaar is a way of paying homage to the Motherland and to my African roots/culture.

MD: What genre of music do you enjoy?

JM: I really enjoy jazz and soul music but I also listen to a lot of hip-hop, R&B some prog rock and African music (Fela Kuti, Youssou N’dour, Omar Pene etc)

MD: Do you play a musical instrument?

JM: Yeah, I also produce with my good friend J-Lock as a duo under the name Pandemik Muzik, we’ve done tracks with French and American rappers (Joe Lucazz, Infamous Mobb, etc)

MD: What has the response been to your Afro Pop album in France and abroad?

JM: So far, the response has been great, people seem to enjoy the Afro Pop album and our sub-publishers are delighted to have it in the catalogue for future placements

MD: What can we expect from your library going forward?

JM: It’s going to be a very productive year for Jambaar !  All I can say is you can expect us to drop different styles of albums: soul/jazz, also more Afro Beats, electro, pop and of course hip-hop. We’re not going to be stuck only in one style, I want to cover as much musical ground as possible but always keep it fresh, authentic and high-quality.  

You can listen to the Jambaar Muzik library here: https://search.mamadance.com/#/library/b6a2f8339f318e98