This Mama Dance Maskandi Zulu African production music album by Mahoyana Nkwanyana embodies the essence of traditional Zulu folk.

We are so proud to announce the release of a new Mama Dance original African production music album that truly embodies the essence of traditional Zulu folk music.

Mahoyana Nkwanyana brings us a ‘musical odyssey from Maphumulo to the world’ with his brand-new album Zulu Pride: Melodic Power Maskandi.

The album is a polished selection of melodic, power Maskandi from a renowned South African artist with heartfelt vocals, cyclical guitars, quirky keyboards, punchy basslines and upbeat drum patterns. Trials, tribulations and romance are all represented through this foot-stomping musical form so integral to Zulu life.

Listen to this album here, find more Maskandi here or browse over 300 000 African and international tracks on the Mama Dance music production library.

About the artist – Mahoyana Nkwanyana

Mahoyana Nkwanyana’s narrative is a vivid reflection of cultural heritage, musical innovation, and profound community leadership. Originating from the vibrant landscapes of Maphumulo, KwaZulu-Natal, he has ascended as a luminary in the South African music scene, celebrated for his adeptness in Zulu Maskandi and isiShameni styles. His journey exemplifies an unwavering commitment to his roots and an enduring influence within the musical sphere.

From Maphumulo to the Musical Forefront

Nkwanyana’s inception into music was nurtured among the rhythmic tales and melodies of Zulu tradition in Maphumulo, laying the foundation for an illustrious career. He shares his life between this beloved birthplace and the dynamic community of the Dube hostel in Soweto, Johannesburg, symbolizing his ties to a diverse array of cultural and musical environments.

A Career of Notable Achievements

Nkwanyana’s career trajectory saw a significant uplift with the release of “Thwasa” under Sony BMG, a project that not only highlighted his extraordinary talent but also affirmed his niche in the industry. His musical voyage is decorated with pivotal collaborations and band memberships, including the founding of Abafana abalungile in 1989, and partnerships in Abafana Base Mawusi with Hlongwane Macimba. His roles in Amankonyane in Bergville, his contributions to Mbongeni Ngema’s Sarafina 2, collaborations with Matshitshi Ngema, and performances with the Six Mabona marimba band, underscore his collaborative spirit and versatility.

A crowning moment in his career was his performance as the opening act for Johnny Clegg’s 2010 outdoor show at Emmarentia, which drew an audience of roughly 10,000 people. This event not only showcased his talent to a vast audience but also underscored his prominence in the music scene.

Life Beyond the Stage

Nkwanyana’s existence is profoundly intertwined with personal and communal bonds. His marriage to Fisani Busangani has blessed him with ten children, whose lives span across Durban, Johannesburg, and Maphumulo. He maintains a significant connection with the traditional leader in Maphumulo, Yohlanga Ngubane of Kwajikijiki, preserving his connections with the core Zulu community.

A Legacy of Cultural Preservation and Innovation

Mahoyana Nkwanyana embodies more than just musical talent; he is a beacon of cultural preservation, artistic creativity, and communal engagement. His work, which merges traditional Zulu sounds with modern flair, serves as a beacon for aspiring musicians and a bridge between generations.

Nkwanyana’s story, from the heart of Maphumulo to the grand stages of Johannesburg and beyond, is a testament to the transformative power of music in fostering cultural expression and unity. Through his achievements and ongoing endeavours, Mahoyana Nkwanyana remains a cornerstone of South African music, epitomizing the harmony of tradition and innovation