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Mama Dance now offers its clients eight international libraries as well as 74 albums of high quality South African and African flavour tracks.

Following the success of recent signings Atomica and Inspired Production Music, Mama Dance has been proactively seeking out more fresh and innovative international libraries to compliment their legendary and fast growing 100% home grown catalogue.

They have recently signed POPVIRUS, a rapidly growing and exciting in-your- face selection of almost 400 albums covering all genres from pumping dance grooves, pop and rock right through to monumental orchestral film score material and Reality TV music toolkits.

RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC is another established UK library recently available on Mama Dance. It contains 142 albums and is especially strong in era specific releases such as the 20’ to 60’s anthologies as well as very impressive dance, cinematic and drama orientated albums.

MINDS AND MUSIC is an esoteric boutique European library that is popular with our TV and Doccie clients, whilst UNDERCURRENTS is a new high quality US label by Atomica that specialises in minimal moods and ever popular drones and tension beds.

“After 12 years in the business, we’ve got all the clients” says Craig McGahey, owner of Mama Dance “but until now we didn’t quite have all the music! Now we’ve got over 40 000 tracks in ALL genres available for quick search and download from our website or hard drives that we distribute countrywide. Because our catalogues are now so extensive, our free music searches are proving even more popular. We do searches every day and can deliver our busy clients a suggested playlist in less than an hour. In the production music business, service counts and with our team of three experienced music lovers, we deliver!”

The Mama Dance Music Libraries can be searched and downloaded at www.mamadance.com or contact Craig, Dale or Jeff at 021 424 0314 or [email protected] for a hard drive delivery or free music searches.