July Press Release Art

Usage of the Mama Dance Music Library on SABC and MNET programming doubled over the past year which is good news for the many local composers who write for the library. It also shows the popularity of the carefully handpicked international libraries that Mama Dance distributes in South Africa.

“In 2013 we briefed all our South African composers to write a greater variety of emotive music specifically for TV and film. This resulted in new album series like Homelands and Heroes, Afrocinematic, AfroDrama, under_SCORES and CineAfrica. To further differentiate this material from the groove-melodic albums we created a “Moods and Scores” section of the Mama Dance Library that also contains popular albums like Africa Rising, Wilderness Within, Epic Journeys, African Stories and Legends of Africa. Looking at our recent local television usage stats these more “mood” orientated albums seem to be working very well for us” Says Mama Dance director Craig McGahey

Mama Dance is also having great success with its fresh international music libraries that include Atomica, POPVIRUS, Inspired, Catapult, Minds&Music, UnderCurrents and RSM.

“With the variety of music moods and styles needed for TV dramas, soapies, doccies, sports and lifestyle programming we realised that we also needed to bulk up our offering of exciting new international libraries. We are now the perfect one stop shop for the best of South African AND international production music. Almost 600 clients are registered onto our music search website and they stream or download about 6000 tracks per month. And a very large number of our clients still prefer to receive our libraries on hard drive which we deliver and update regularly. Our free music searches are also proving popular and we do about 30 a month” says Craig.

During 2013 Mama Dance tracks were used 2900 times in over 80 SABC, ETV and Multi Choice TV programmes. Over 70% of these usages were South African compositions. Mama Dance is a NORM/CAPASSO member and their music can be used under the blanket license agreements with various broadcasters.

Over 40 000 tracks from eight libraries can be streamed and downloaded at www.mamadance.com

If you would like a music hard drive, free music search or more info, contact Craig, Dale or Jeff
at 021 424 0314 [email protected]