Mama Dance ! Music library is growing fast – in fact they have released 17 new African production music albums with compositions from over 30 South African composers in the past year. Their catalogue which is online and distributed worldwide consists of 63 albums containing 2330 home grown tracks perfect for African TV, Film and Advertising.

“We’ve been in the production music or library music business for over 12 years and in 2012 we decided really push the new releases” says owner Craig McGahey.

This was made possible by a strong, passionate and focussed Mama Dance team that also includes Dale Blignaut and Jeff Moffat.

“Most SA production music companies are one man operations but we have found that at least three of us are required to liaise with a variety of top composers to ensure a steady flow of high quality albums with great artwork and thorough keyword tagging. Our staff capacity allows us to also offer original composition and free music searches both with the very fast turnaround times our clients demand”

Early 2012 saw the release of BEAUTIFUL AFRICAN FOLK which has proved so popular locally and in the US that vol 2 containing similar warm acoustic guitars with smatterings of marimbas, mbiras and other traditional instruments has already been released.

SA clients can’t get enough of Kwaito and Mzantsi House and the albums KWAITO ELTROFRIED, SOUNDZ EKASI 2 and LARGE HOUSE continue to be well used in youth programming, sport and advertising.

EUPHORIC ANTHEMS is a hard set of slick uplifting electro house numbers with a smattering of adrenalin pumping African vocals that sets the scene on sports shows, fashion segments and general advertising.

BABA DANCE ! Playtime and Picnics is a fun babies and toddlers mix up whilst BENGUELA’s offering of moody cinematic rock is quite the opposite!

AFRO DANCE is a mix of very positive, upbeat and funky house tracks that will resonate from Soweto to Senegal, whilst AFRICAN STORIES and MOOD ESCAPES cover all the bases for doccies and dramas.

Mama Dance’s recent attention to cinematic quality production is very apparent in the albums SACRED AFRICA, EPIC JOURNEYS and EVOKE by Stellenbosch based composers Helmut Meijer and Gideon Murray and city bowler Daniel Eppel.

DUBSTEP yo MAMA proves that Africa is not for sissies – keep the volume down for your neighbours safety sake!

The REMIX yo MAMA brand has also proved very popular with two new albums AMBIENT AFRO and EASY IN SUMMER released in the last year.

All Mama Dance albums together with 5 fresh international libraries are available for search and download at or by request on hard drive.

The Mama Dance team is always keen to help with all music related queries at 021 424 0314 [email protected]