We’re delighted to see that a lot of Mama Dance music has been used in the recent SARS campaign – “Touching Lives“.

The campaign was conceived as a way to thank taxpayers and to show how they’re making a positive difference to society in a real and emotional way.

“Touching Lives” focuses on 6 authentic stories from people around South Africa and the positive impact that taxpayers have had on their lives.

Produced by Backyard Productions the campaign has been very well received and was recently awarded an Orchid for Ad of the week. Ad agency Draftfcb handled the online presence and placed the campaign in the media including a heavy flighting schedule on eTV and DSTV /MNET.

You can watch the 6 short documentary videos here or listen to a couple of the tracks that were used from composer Matt Gair below:

Red Dust Rises (He Yaya)

Sun Kissed Moon