Music for SA Dramas, Thrillers, Doccies and Soapies

If you like your dramatic and emotional music scores with a touch of Africa, then you’ll like Mama Dance’s latest moody offerings ( click to listen to albums below).

From tension to unease and melancholy to epic, Mama Dance launched a variety of new album series especially to cater for emotive and nail biting African dramas, soaps, doccies and cinema.

“Last year we decided to really focus on the evocative film score and moody underscore side of the library. Our aim was to gain more usage in daily TV dramas and other programming that required strong moods with a hint of Africa in the sound. So we briefed our best composers accordingly and they created emotive albums beyond our expectations. Our income through the NORM / CAPASSO TV blanket license has more than doubled, so we feel that the hard work of all concerned has paid off!” says Mama Dance MD, Craig McGahey.

AFROdrama, under_SCORES & Pianism focus on a variety of strong minimal moods whilst Afrocinematic, Homelands and Heroes, Cine Africa, Epic Journeys and Legends of Africa cover the epic orchestral and cinematic ground.
Recent programmes using the Mama Dance Music Library are Binnelanders, Ispani, Generations, Doctors orders, 50/50, Top billing, , IDOLS, Kollig, Groen, Treknet, Kwela, Kaelo Stories of Hope , Born frees, and Big Brother.

(Mama Dance is a NORM / CAPASSO member so can be used under ETV, SABC, & most DSTV channels blanket license agreements)

Mama Dance – Moods and Scores


Afrocinematic 3 – Intrigue & Mystery

Music for psychological thrillers, investigations, emotional dramas and soapies. With elements of caution, light tension, contemplation, anxiety and unease, these tracks all invoke a strong sense of the mysterious.



AD - Positivelowres

AFROdrama – Positive Everyday Moods

Light and friendly, carefree, warm and thoughtful these unobtrusive pieces will let the pictures talk for themselves.





Afrocinematic 2 – Drums of Fear

A deliciously dark and hypnotic collection of drum and percussion based tracks. Vocal chants and eerie pads push the fear factor to the limit making this album ideal for doccies, dramas, action and wildlife programming. Ben Amato and master percussionist Elad Neeman combine brilliantly on volume 2 of the Afrocinematic series.




under_SCORES: Blurred Emotions

Suspicion and forgiveness, longing and loneliness, contemplation and unease – if you’re in need of drama, then this debut library album by Joel Assaizky delivers!
He beautifully captures the trials and tribulations of modern day living with fresh minimalistic production guaranteed to stir the emotions!




AFROdrama – Mild Tension

The perfect combination of melody and space these subtle and exquisitely produced tracks from award winning composer Ryan Grogan are specifically designed for dramatic African productions. Focusing on mild tension, mystery and suspense this album is a MUST for dramas, doccies, soapies and wildlife programming.