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The boys at Mama Dance are always on the hunt for fresh new beats and pieces, and are occasionally prepared to look to look beyond our shores for the juiciest musical selections. And they have found the perfect fit with FELT.

FELT is a very fresh UK based production music library that is similar to Mama Dance in so many ways – they have an office full of great ears, work with the best new composers in their country and are extremely proactive with their clients, offering not only production music libraries but also original composition and music supervision.

Mama Dance has signed FELT’s 120 album library for the African territory and the clients have responded! The Mama Dance music search site saw 4500 FELT auditions & downloads in just 4 months.

Mama Dance has also been helping the London based company source SA Hip Hop tracks for a big brand TVC produced in the UK for various African territories. And nothing excites the Mama Dancers more than seeing SA music earning money around the world. (Their own local library is now distributed to over 60 countries around the world and has had 1000’s of international income earning uses during the past 5 years).

FELT joins Mama Dance’s expanding international library offerings that include Atomica, Inspired, POPVIRUS, Catapult, Minds and Music, Undercurrents, Dark Horse, ELEKT, Torque and RSM.
This is in addition to the home grown Mama Dance library which now has over 100 albums from more than 50 local composers.
Contact Craig, Dale or Jeff for more info at 021 424 0314 / [email protected]
Or see www.mamadance.com where all the music can be auditioned and downloaded.