Cape Town based composer, Nic Paton, has released his 5th album on the popular home-grown Mama Dance ! Music Library.

The latest album, called Pianism, has been described as “Elegant, minimal, flowing piano themes to create space, style and expansiveness, to calm and cleanse, to uplift and affirm, yet hinting at deeper, darker wells of emotion and intrigue.”

“Over the past few years we received many requests from our clients for sparse, but very moving, piano pieces – so we learnt quickly that less is very often more!” says Craig McGahey, director of Mama Dance. “Luckily Nic must have come to the same conclusion because he arrived to a listening session with the most beautiful selection of piano compositions.”

Says Nic, “About 18 months ago I just found myself very drawn to our piano, which we inherited. It’s a Grotrian Steinweg, and just a lot of pianistic music started coming out. I’m quite a good librarian. If I come up with an idea I’ll put it onto an MP3 recorder, make sure that I keep it and then come and put it into digital format and then work on it. In one sense, I follow the muse and all I can say is that at a particular time, the muse took me to the piano.”

Nic’s previous four albums have all been very well received by Mama Dance clients. Wilderness Within and Space & Story cover many of the bases for emotional programming and advertising and have scored a huge amount of usages both in South Africa and overseas through a distribution deal with Sonoton. His tracks on the energetic Sports Power and quirky kiddie’s album Twana Toons further show off his talents as a prolific composer, well-skilled in a variety of moods and styles.

The success of the Pianism has been immediate with an all Africa usage by HIV awareness NGO the Egmont Trust and very impressive download stats from the Mama Dance music search website in just a few weeks since its release.

The album can be streamed and downloaded at our site or give the team at Mama Dance a shout and they will organise a hard drive with all of the Mama Dance libraries for you.