The Magic is happening more and more often. This time it was a chance meeting at Kirstenbosch gardens between Freshly Ground founder member Aron Turest- Swartz, and owner of Mama Dance, Craig McGahey, who’s had a close relationship with the band over the past 10 years.

Aron had the great news that he had hooked up with fellow composer producer Mr Mallum to form a composition team called Ripple Effect.

Mr Mallum who had started his career working on remixes and albums for Mama Dance artists like KB and Jerusha has since produced numerous SAMA award nominated and award winning acts such as Lloyd Jansen, Keeno Lee, Byron Clark and Chad Saaiman and is currently working with Loyiso, Danny K and involved in the Triggerfish production “Khumba”

Says Craig “It was great to connect with these two super talents again and I set up a meeting at their Newlands studios as soon as I could. I updated them on where Mama Dance was now at. We chatted about possibilities of working together again. When I mentioned that we were planning a “Happy Go lucky” African whistling production music album, Arons eyes lit up and he said “I LOVE whistling!” Six weeks later we released an exceptionally catchy, fun and quirky album by the duo and we have absolutely no doubt it will have mega success in advertising and TV programming – it’s VERY infectious and uplifting!”

The thirteen track album titled “Happy Xolaki – Afro Whistle Mania” has commercial 30 second cut downs of all tracks with and without whistling as well as extended versions perfect for TV, Film and Doccie usage.

You can listen and download the album directly here or request a hard drive with all latest updates from nine SA and international Mama Dance libraries.

Contact Craig, Dale or Jeff for more info at 021 424 0314 [email protected]