To celebrate the recent addition of 5 fresh new international production music libraries, Mama Dance is offering free music searches to all South African TV and Film producers, final sound mix engineers, editors and Ad agencies.

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Mama Dance has recently expanded its production music offering by licensing the exciting and extensive Atomica, Decibel Collective, Catapult, Supatunes and Hi Fi catalogues for all African territories.

These international libraries are in addition to the 46 album Mama Dance! Music Library which is the largest collection of South African production music with genres as diverse as boeremusiek, kwela and kwaito, melodic rock and African cinematic scores.

“Our production music offering has grown 1000% in the past year and to celebrate this we are offering our clients free music searches. They just need to send us a music brief or an example of the types of music they often require. Within a few hours we will send them a link to an iTunes like playlist with suggested tracks that they can audition or download. The tracks are all hosted on our new website so no more attached MP3’s via email.

Our new online music search system is very fast and very simple to use – our clients are loving it as they can immediately forward the playlists to their clients for final approvals and signoffs. We’re currently getting over 4000 streams a month on the new website” says Mama Dance CEO Craig McGahey