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Search over 300,000 African and international tracks covering Amapiano, Afrobeats, Gqom, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock and Acoustic grooves as well as evocative Cinematic, Orchestral Underscores, Dramedy and other genres.

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Mama Dance’s personal collaboration with African artists and composers over the years enables us to present an extensive collection of carefully curated, authentically African tracks. You will also find a large selection of the highest quality international music libraries on the Mama Dance platform – carefully selected for our African clients.


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Go to our music search site and click the “register” button in the top right corner. Fill out your details and hit “submit”. You should receive an activation email automatically. Click the link, login and you are all set!

02. Search

There are a variety of ways to find suitable tracks. You can browse by libraries, styles or playlists.  Use the keyword search or even paste in a YouTube link.  If you find it overwhelming just contact us and we’ll find the music for you!

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Once you have found the tracks you like, hit the download button and you’ll get high resolution music that’s ready to go.  We don’t use audio watermarks as our music is tracked through digital monitoring.  Go crazy trying options in your edit and only pay for what you use in the final edit.

04. Pay

Our licensing model conveniently works on a “per production” not “per track” basis.  Find out more about our rates on our production music licensing page.  Email us the details of your project and a list of the tracks used and we’ll send you an invoice.  You can pay via EFT, Credit Card or Paypal.


What is Production Music?

Production music
accounts for nearly
half of the music
you hear on TV.

Whether it’s adverts or programming most music used for broadcasts has been sourced from a production music library. The music you hear in the cinema, radio programming and adverts, social media videos and other content, corporate videos and at events, activations or conferences would also have some from a music library – so it’s pretty much everywhere.

You may hear it called library music, mood or stock music, but in the industry it is most commonly referred to as production music.

Production music vs Commercial Music.

Commercial music describes tracks created specifically for the listener’s pleasure whereas production music helps a visual medium – like a movie – tell a story.